What Dragon Age Characters Look Like In Real Life

With Dragon Age 4 on the horizon and with what we know from Inquisition’s Trespasser DLC and our road to Tevinter, there is a lot of excitement for what the next tale of this franchise will have to offer. Mages vs. Templars is old news, didn’t you know, because now we’re going toe-to-toe with history itself and the true fate of what happened to the Elven people. Now that it has been revealed that almost everything we thought we knew was wrong, anything can happen, and those infinite possibilities are teeming with promise.

With the anticipation of Dragon Age’s future, I stumbled upon an interesting YouTube video that breaks down some of my favorite characters by giving them an IRL makeover. And while I’m sad to see that Solas doesn’t actually look like an egg (stupid egghead jerkface), the realistic renditions of these familiar faces is something that I think other Dragon Age fans will enjoy as much as I did.

Morrigan’s model from Dragon Age Inquisition

From YouTuber ‘Yic17 Fantasy,’ with help from AI technology from Art Breeder, the below video shows off staples throughout the Dragon Age franchise. From Origins’ Duncan to our lovable Sten — even my beloved Dorian! Don’t even get me started on how amazing Velanna looks… You just have to see it to enjoy it. Just trust me:

To support the artist, be sure to like their video if you enjoyed it!



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Liana Ruppert

Liana Ruppert

I’ve worked in gaming for nearly 20 years now, currently a CM at Bungie on D2. I also do voice work, programming, and accessibility consultation with game devs.